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The Future Network is the international network for ICT and business decision-makers in Austria. As an independent dialogue and discussion platform, it enables decision-makers to exchange information with solution providers, consultants, scientists and experienced users, as well as to present their own experiences and approaches to solving problems. Members can thereby avail themselves of the best contacts from a network of over 1000 experts.


Future Network

Proactive ICT Management

Experience shows that proactive ICT management gives rise to the lowest costs and is most efficient. Moreover, at a time when flexibility, customer focus and the fast adaptation of business processes are so important, innovative thinking is also in demand. At the same time, in view of the overload of information, it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep an overview. The dialogue promoted by the Future Network therefore helps you to select important knowledge and to use it for your own business success. The efficient use of IT to achieve competitive advantages is thereby of foremost concern.

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Every year I leave the Future Network event inspired by ideas and insights which I might not have gotten elsewhere. MosheRappoport, IBM Research - Zurich

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