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Future Network Cert

Society for Multi-Disciplinary Continuing Education and Training through Upskilling

Future Network Cert is a non-profit organization acting as an impartial and independent platform. It represents the interests of Austrian businesses before international bodies, fostering job profiles with ICT elements, it conducts studies on the need for continuing education and training in Austria and organizes information events and award ceremonies.

Certification as a proof of qualification is becoming ever more important in the IT industry. Since April 2010, Future Network Cert has acted as certification body, issuing the “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering – CPRE” certificate in Austria and the “Certified Professional for Software Architecture – CPSA” certificate internationally. Future Network Cert took these tasks over from Future Network – Society for Networking in Information Technology, which served as a certification body from 2007 to early 2010.

Based on a defined syllabus, the certification body confirms the certificate holder’s expertise in the related special field/s. Issuing nationally and internationally recognized certificates after candidates have passed the required exams is thus one of the purposes of the institution.

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